Noego by Hugo Martin


NOEGO is a «designer’s collection» created by Parasite founder Hugo Martin. It is aimed at a clientele who takes care of their appearance and seek to stand out.

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DESIGN Noego frames play with structure, colors and materials, and their finishes are superb. Every season, Hugo Martin renews the collection looking for inspiration in avant-garde trends from fashion, art and architecture. QUALITY Thank’s to the creativity of the design, the innovation due to technology and a high quality of manufacturing, Noego fits perfectly with our today requirements. COLORS & MATERIALS The color combinations are a great asset of the Noego frames. They are often audacious, always judicious. Quality of manufacture is visible here as well: whether vivid or sober, teints are intense, subtle and refined. The material association are innovative and creative.
Noego Premium

The Noego Premium Collection is comprised of very innovative high end frames, featuring the high level of creation of the true artisans showing their craftsmanship simultaneously with the material and the structure of each product. Noego Premium is a challenge to manufacturing technologies.

Noego Light

The Noego Light Collection puts forward a series of styles based on a simple design dressed in a colorful and luminous décor, subtle and innovative.

The designer has selected different types of materials from stainless steel to acetate brightened by a joyous design of light.